STINGER Electric Nectar Collector Kit

Customers Reviews


This is BY FAR one of the best electric nectar collectors I’ve seen on the market, and I can happily say the function matches its appearance ✌🏻

Michael Curran


It works really well, and it feels premium and looks good. The glass attachment is pretty genius I don't know why more small form glass doesn't have rubber stoppers like this one. Makes filling and emptying so much easier.

Paul Fore


The different temps work well with me trying some rosin on the lower temps and using the higher 3 temps on shatter and sugars, all working amazingly well.

Angela Bracero


This device arrived today and I am so excited! It works so well! I’ve tried a few consistencies and brands so far and all have worked great. The temp adjustment is awesome and the glass water top is icing on the cake.

Nicole Boyd


I found the craziest device for dabbing. One of the main reason that why you should try this is that you can actually use all of your wax. You can use this you press the button and you just go around the inside of your pot until you pick everything. Never waste anything alone.

Christiana Metrakos


That tastes unbelievable, i'm genuinely absolutely speechless. The hit i did before the last one it tasted so good it was like tasting like one of the best dabs I've ever tasted in my life. If you dab that much you're gonna get lit like i'm lit right now. I had like the maddest dab.

Drew Gilchrist


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