What Is 710 Friendly

What is 710

Are you a marijuana lover, but you don't know what 710 means? You've come to the right place!

Everyone and their mother is familiar with 420 these days. The number symbolizes enjoying, smoking, and accepting weed in all its forms. 710 friendly has a slightly different meaning for stoners. 

In this article, you will learn all about the origin, meaning, and celebration of 710 as well as other codes for marijuana. 

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about dab day. 

What Does 420/215/710 Mean?

The numbers 420, 215, and 710 all have significance in stoner culture. Each of these numbers can be used in conversation or online to indicate that someone uses weed or doesn't mind when others do so. 

You may be most familiar with 420 which rose to popularity in the 1970s. Recently 215 and 710 have also gained popularity in the stoner community. They also represent weed holidays and the overall acceptance of marijuana. 

1. What Does 420 Mean?

The number 420 has a long history dating back to 1971. That year, a group of high schooler hippies ritualistically smoked weed in Marin County, California every day at 4:20 pm.

The same high schoolers came up with the term “4:20” to refer to their after-school activity. Today, 420 is used widely to let others know that someone uses marijuana.

It has even become a celebrated holiday on April 20th. Typically, on April 20th, stoners around the nation gather to light up a blunt, smoke a bowl, or take an edible to celebrate and call for change. 

2. What Does 215 Mean?

215 is an area code in Philadelphia, PA, and also the Californian ballot number from when they legalized marijuana for medical use in 1996.

Despite its origin, 215 refers to a person who is cool with using marijuana.

3. What Does 710 Mean?

When you flip over the number 710 it reads as "oil". Oil, in this case, makes reference to cannabis oil used for dabs, amber, shatter, and more. For dab enthusiasts, this number deserves a lot of celebration. 

This number and holiday are still new. The first documented celebration of dab day only took place eleven years ago in 2011. In the United States, this cannabis holiday takes place on July 10th.

Yet, in countries that use a different date format, like Brazil, 710 day is celebrated on October 7. Don't fret, 710 isn't exclusive to one or two days a year. Any day at 7:10, it's time to dab!

What is 710 Friendly? 

If the answer isn't obvious enough: What does it mean if someone is 420 and 710 friendly? Both numbers point to marijuana, but only 710 refers to dabs or oil concentrates. 

If someone tells you that they are 420 friendly you can assume that they enjoy smoking weed, taking edibles, and occasionally using a dab rig or pen. Alternatively, they may not do it themselves, but they are cool if others do.

710, on the other hand, specifically refers to taking dabs. More likely than not they also partake in marijuana's other forms. But, if someone asks you if you are 710 friendly, they are asking if you like to take dabs.  

Is 710 the Next 420?

It's difficult to say if 710 can become as popular as 420. The number 420 has had its roots in cannabis culture for over fifty years. 710 has a lot of catching up to do. 

710 is unlikely to ever kick 420 from the top spot. It's just a little too specific. While 420 allows us to enjoy everything Mary Jane has to offer, 710 puts itself in a box. 

One thing we can say for sure about 710 and its popularity is that we stoners enjoy any excuse to get high. Another holiday to celebrate our passion for marijuana products is not a day that will simply pass us by.

We can expect an uptick in 710 celebrations as weed becomes more widely accepted and legalized. If you haven't been keeping up with dab day, now is your time to start bringing out the concentrates on 7:10 and 7/10.

How to Celebrate 710 Dab Day

How to Celebrate 710 Dab Day?

There are many ways that you can celebrate dab day. You can use these ideas or come up with something on your own. Bring your friends together and toke to a holiday like no other. 

1. Look for 7/10 Discounts

Even if you weren't familiar with 710 before today, we can guarantee your local dispensary knows about it. On July 10th, you can expect many cannabis retailers to be running deals. Use code: 710 to get 29% off at HUMAN SUCKS!

2. Attend 7/10 Events in Your City

As 7/10 grows in popularity more and more events are popping up around major cities. The 710 Degree Cup is one favored event. The competition is held on July 10th every year in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Look online to find 710 events in your area held by dispensaries and other dab-enthusiasts. 

3. Dab at 7:10

Taking a dab at 7:10 is one of the easiest ways to celebrate dab day any time of year. Depending on what your day looks like, it's probably best to take it at 7:10 pm, but we don't judge. 

4. Try a New Way to Dab

If you've been using the same dab rig for years, maybe it's time to branch out. Today there are many ways to take a dab, including through an electric nectar collector

These make it easy to take dabs while on the go while also getting a real dab experience. They perform just like a rig, but you can store it in your pocket, and you don't need a torch. 

5. Watch a Stoner Film

Watching a stoner movie while getting high is one of the best ways to celebrate 710 day. Just a few movies you might consider are included in the following list. 

  • Dazed And Confused (1993)
  • This Is The End (1993)
  • Friday (2005)
  • Trainspotting (1996)
  • Up In Smoke (1978)
  • Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle (2004)
  • Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)
  • Flight Club (1999)
  • We’re The Millers (2013)
  • She’s All That (1999)

Invite over some friends, get high, and have a marijuana movie marathon. You won't regret it. 

6. Make Edibles with Concentrate

Making cannabutter with concentrate to put in your favorite cookies, brownies, or favorite snack is a great way to spend 710. You can give your lungs a break while indulging in your favorite sweets to get high. 

Keep in mind that making edibles yourself can be difficult and a little dangerous. Take it slow when you eat your first homemade edible and stop if you are getting too high. 

Are You 710 Friendly?

Being 710 friendly is all about taking dabs and/or accepting others who love oil concentrates. If you are new to the 710 life, you may have a lot of questions and still need some products to get started.