Stinger Glass Bubbler - INHALCO
Stinger Glass Bubbler - INHALCO
Stinger Glass Bubbler - INHALCO

STINGER Glass Bubbler

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Glass water bubbler replacement for STINGER electric nectar collector, this is the best companion for Humansucks STINGER. With it attached to the STINGE, you won’t have to worry about any harsh taste from your dab. We want the harshness from the cannabis, not from the device. We Humansucks team dedicated ourselves to giving the purest taste for you, building a glass bubbler as one of the percolation processes is the step toward success. This glass bubbler is made with borosilicate glass that comes with great chemical and heat resistance. After you attach the bubbler into your STINGER, not only it would make your STINGER look ten times cooler, but also the great bubble function would ease the taste and deliver the original flavor of the dab to your mouth. A great STINGER experience should come with the bubbler! 

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Q1: What Does It Mean If The Device Is Blinking Red Light 5 Times And Vibrating 3 Times After The Lights?

A: It means that the device is low on battery and needs to be charged. 

Q2: What Does It Mean If The Device Is Blinking White Light 3 Times And Vibrating 1 Time After The Lights?

A: It means that the device has short-circuited and it’s on the short circuit protection mode. Please contact our customer services for further information. 

Q3: What Does It Mean If The Device Is Blinking Yellow Light 3 Times?

A: Please check if the heating tip is properly attached to the main body. 

Q4. In What Situation Should I Initialize The Device?

A: When the heating tip is not delivering the right temperature, initialization could help adjusting the electric resistance of the machine. 

Q5: How To Initialize The Device?

A: Here is the initialization video:
Humansucks STINGER is always keep flavor fresh with every moment.

  • Keep the product turned off
  • 3 clicks the button, and long press it until you see the green light flashes

Q6: How Long Does It Take To Fully Charge The Battery?

A: Approximately 2-3 hours, the indicator light will turn to green when the device is being fully charged.

Q7: How Is The Battery Life Of The Stinger?
A: Up to 60 dabs. 

Q8: How Long Is The Heat-up Duration?
A: 5 Seconds.

Q9: How To Use The Stinger?

A: Here is the how-to-use video: How to use Humansucks STINGER

  • 5 clicks to turn it on
  • 3 clicks for temperature adjustment, there are 4 temperature settings in total.
  • Wait for 5 seconds for the pre-heat and LONG PRESS the button while you dab

Q10: How To Clean The Stinger?

A: If you have used the product multiple times before, it might cause a blockage in the airpath. Please unscrew all parts and use the Q-tips in the box to clean the airpath before your next use. Please also make sure the product is turned off at all times during the cleaning. 

Q11: How Long Does It Take To Ship My Item After Placing The Order?

A: Within one business day after the order is placed.

Q12: How To Track My Item?

A: You will receive an email with the delivery status and tracking number once your items have been shipped. You could track your package in the email or use the tracking number it provides to track the shipment status. Here's the USPS website for you to track the package: USPS Tracking

Q13: How Long Is The Warranty Of My items?

A: The warranty of all our products is ONE year. 

NOTE: Please always keep in mind, DO NOT allow water into the middle chamber. There should not be any water in the airpath or heating tips.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Received it today, the product was well packaged, and it arrived in perfect condition with no damage.

Kristine Hotchkiss
The best nectar straw on the market!

Very easy to use. Ready to use in seconds. Put together very well and durable. I purchased the bubbler and it is wonderful but very heavy and awkward when using the straw. A bit heavy and hard to balance when inhaling but serves it’s purpose.

Kevin Lalonde

STINGER Glass Bubbler

Oliver Argueta
Got my money's worth!!!!

The stinger is just perfect

Jacob frey
Stinger and the human sucks

Best peice by far but missing on of the replacement tips but it’s ok