Stinger Electric Nectar Collector Kit - HUMAN SUCKS
Stinger Electric Nectar Collector Kit - HUMAN SUCKS
Stinger Electric Nectar Collector Kit - HUMAN SUCKS
Stinger Electric Nectar Collector Kit - HUMAN SUCKS
Stinger Electric Nectar Collector Kit - HUMAN SUCKS
Stinger Electric Nectar Collector Kit - HUMAN SUCKS
Stinger Electric Nectar Collector Kit - HUMAN SUCKS
Stinger Electric Nectar Collector Kit - HUMAN SUCKS

STINGER Nectar Collector Kit

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The STINGER electric nectar collector delivers an excellent plant dabbing flavor experience. The STINGER is the closest thing to a real dab experience while on the go. The STINGER kit has an add-on of the glass bubbler, which makes the smoke hits way much smoother!

The pocket-nail design performs just like a rig, yet still provides a strong taste with the stinger technology. It heats up in 5 seconds with the discreet pocket size, bringing the most portable experience for people who are always on the go. The glass bubbler provides different options depending on your preferences. There’s a “wow” moment after each dab.

For beginners of the dabbing journey, the STINGER kit is straightforward to use with just one button and an automatic heat-up option. For experienced dabbers, it provides different temperatures setting accordingly to their preferences.


  • Electric Nectar Collector
  • Heats up in 5 Seconds
  • Long Battery Life - Up to 60 dabs
  • Palm-Sized

Quick Heating

Our device provides a new tech heating element that is an effective open your flavor journey and Just only 5 seconds can atomizer heat before you dipping wax.

STINGER Glass Bubbler

Our electric nectar collector avoids your lips to inhale hot smoke. New STINGER allows you to enjoy super smooth hits because our water glass bubbler is borosilicate glass which can provide excellent vapor cooling with zero splashback. It is easy to attach to the electric nectar collector.

Temperature Selection

Switch different temperature modes to pick up the best match for your dabbing habit. Because the more wax gets vaporized and bigger the vapor. Not everyone likes that experience that’s why we use new tech to make it possible that let every flavor lover can select their unique temperature.

Replaceable Tip Atomizer/ Easy Clean

The STINGER can easily replace tips if there is an issue or keep tips clean.

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Q1: What Does It Mean If The Device Is Blinking Red Light 5 Times And Vibrating 3 Times After The Lights?

A: It means that the device is low on battery and needs to be charged. 

Q2: What Does It Mean If The Device Is Blinking White Light 3 Times And Vibrating 1 Time After The Lights?

A: It means that the device has short-circuited and it’s on the short circuit protection mode. Please contact our customer services for further information. 

Q3: What Does It Mean If The Device Is Blinking Yellow Light 3 Times?

A: Please check if the heating tip is properly attached to the main body. 

Q4. In What Situation Should I Initialize The Device?

A: When the heating tip is not delivering the right temperature, initialization could help adjusting the electric resistance of the machine. 

Q5: How To Initialize The Device?

A: Here is the initialization video:
Humansucks STINGER is always keep flavor fresh with every moment.

  • Keep the product turned off
  • 3 clicks the button, and long press it until you see the green light flashes

Q6: How Long Does It Take To Fully Charge The Battery?

A: Approximately 2-3 hours, the indicator light will turn to green when the device is being fully charged.

Q7: How Is The Battery Life Of The Stinger?
A: Up to 60 dabs. 

Q8: How Long Is The Heat-up Duration?
A: 5 Seconds.

Q9: How To Use The Stinger?

A: Here is the how-to-use video: How to use Humansucks STINGER

  • 5 clicks to turn it on
  • 3 clicks for temperature adjustment, there are 4 temperature settings in total.
  • Wait for 5 seconds for the pre-heat and LONG PRESS the button while you dab

Q10: How To Clean The Stinger?

A: If you have used the product multiple times before, it might cause a blockage in the airpath. Please unscrew all parts and use the Q-tips in the box to clean the airpath before your next use. Please also make sure the product is turned off at all times during the cleaning. 

Q11: How Long Does It Take To Ship My Item After Placing The Order?

A: Within one business day after the order is placed.

Q12: How To Track My Item?

A: You will receive an email with the delivery status and tracking number once your items have been shipped. You could track your package in the email or use the tracking number it provides to track the shipment status. Here's the USPS website for you to track the package: USPS Tracking

Q13: How Long Is The Warranty Of My items?

A: The warranty of all our products is ONE year. 

NOTE: Please always keep in mind, DO NOT allow water into the middle chamber. There should not be any water in the airpath or heating tips.

STINGER Electric Nectar Collector Kit

STINGER’s new technology will bring you a pleasant flavor experience, allowing you to easily get the true power of plants. More pleasant and relaxed than ever before.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jared Spotts
Peak Pro ToGo

This is pretty amazing quality and very easy to use. I would highly recommend to anyone that is looking for the best "on the go" way to dab. Was even better purchasing it with the discount on 420 <3

Michael Schmitt
Best vape nector collector ever!!!!

Love this thing!!!

Paul S.
Stinger is a fantastic product

I got the stinger because I hated the lack of temperature control from a butane heated nectar collector. The stinger has been absolutely amazing every time I've used it. There's 4 heat settings for your personal heat preference. After you turn it on, you just hold the button down for 5 seconds and it holds the temperature you pick until you release the button. The stinger works perfectly, is ingeniously designed and is very easy to clean. The bubbler also works very well and fits over the Stinger perfectly. I was considering buying a larger bubbler and nail rig, but now the Stinger is all I need! Excellent customer service too.

It’s magical

So first let me say customer service was outstanding. I emailed more then I needed to and was always taken care of. Now the Stinger. Great battery life, Insane flavors and taste , Simple, Quick Heat, It’s actually small so easy to carry. With that alone I would buy it. Now If on the go I would order some alcohol wipes from Amazon to wipe on the go. But not needed I just like to keep it clean so it less to clean later. The Bubbler is very nice but I don’t use it as often. Low temperatures are delicious. I’m usually on Green or purple . Higher temperatures give insane clouds but still surprisingly tasty. Also to be honest seems like all temperatures give u insane clouds depending on how much your drawing. Cleaning it is super easy . Now if your drawing in too fast or tip isn’t hot enough keep in mind you will have more to clean . But cleaning is so easy so no big deal. Don’t forget to charge your stinger the first time . Also clean it before first use. In conclusion from all the choices out there and the fact that I can put it in my pocket why would you pick anything else but the Stinger. Now stop thinking and hit that add to cart.

Michael Sharbonda
Jus a little off. But still good.

Unfortunately my experience so far with the stinger has been a love/hate relationship. I absolutely love it. Hands down one of the best I’ve used, and I’ve tried nectar collectors like the huni badger and a few others and the stinger is still my fav. But the first bubbler I got sadly was cracked and the fill cap didn’t actually fit the hole it was suppose too, the unit tho at first worked amazing! Sadly tho I must have bad luck because now automatic function is malfunctioning, when activated it just keeps hearing till the top is bright red hot, u can’t stop the automatic after it starts either it just keeps going till it decides to stop on it’s own. But the manual is still working the same. I’m assuming I jus had a bad luck of the draw and it’s random. All that aside I still love and swear by the stinger it’s still my favorite on the market and I will continue to choose and use em:)